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Birds on Frozen Grass


Bird Covered in Oil

Explore the official YouTube channel of Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Watch informative videos on bird behavior, identification tips, and conservation efforts. Learn from experts and immerse yourself in the world of birds.

Join passionate birders as they share their experiences, insights, and encounters with avian species from around the globe. Watch engaging episodes featuring birding hotspots, rare sightings, and interviews with experts in the field. 

Explore The Bird Academy YouTube channel by the Cornell Lab. Access a wealth of educational videos covering bird identification, biology, ecology, and conservation. Learn from experts and enhance your birding knowledge.

Tune in to "Nature" on PBS for captivating episodes dedicated to the wonders of the natural world, including birds. Watch stunning footage, insightful documentaries, and learn about avian behavior, habitats, and conservation.

Follow "Birding Adventures TV" for exciting birding expeditions around the globe. Join the host on thrilling bird-watching journeys, learn identification techniques, and immerse yourself in the beauty of birds.

Join renowned naturalist Bill Oddie as he takes you on captivating bird-watching expeditions across stunning landscapes. Explore diverse habitats, encounter a myriad of bird species, and witness Bill Oddie's infectious enthusiasm for the avian world. 




White Swans

Embark on an avian odyssey with "The Life of Birds" documentary series by David Attenborough. Witness stunning bird behaviors, remarkable adaptations, and the intricate world of bird life in this captivating cinematic experience.

Experience the awe-inspiring journey of migratory birds in the movie "Winged Migration." Follow their epic flights across continents, marvel at breathtaking cinematography, and gain a deeper appreciation for avian migration.

Embark on a comedic birding adventure with the movie "The Big Year." Follow the journey of three birders competing to spot the most bird species in a single year. Experience the excitement and challenges of birding competitions.

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