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Identify birds with ease by answering a few simple questions or uploading photos. Record the bird's characteristics, and let Merlin Bird ID's comprehensive database, species accounts, and range maps guide you towards accurate identification in the field.

Dive into the world of birds with a comprehensive digital field guide. Explore detailed information, illustrations, photos, and audio recordings of bird species. Use advanced search features, range maps, and educational content to enhance your bird identification skills and deepen your knowledge.

Record your bird sightings and become a citizen scientist. Share your observations with a global community of birders and contribute to research and conservation efforts. Keep track of your personal records, explore birding hotspots, and stay connected to the ever-growing world of birding.

Discover new birding opportunities with the BirdsEye Bird Finding Guide app. Access its comprehensive database and interactive maps to navigate avian territories. Stay up to date with real-time bird sightings and plan your trips accordingly. Find detailed information on habitat preferences, seasonal patterns, and migration routes to optimize your birding experience. 


Puffin Searching for Food



Capture the captivating sounds of birds around you. Record their songs and calls using BirdNET's audio recognition. Let artificial intelligence analyze your recordings and provide instant feedback on potential species matches. Expand your knowledge of bird vocalizations and improve your birding skills.

Tune into the melodious world of birdsong. Record bird songs and calls using ChirpOMatic, and let it match the sounds against its extensive database. Discover potential bird species matches and enhance your ability to recognize and identify avian vocalizations in the field.

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