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Calling all young birders (aged 20 or under)! Are you looking to connect with fellow bird enthusiasts around the world? Whether your forte lies in crafting compelling narratives, creating captivating visuals, or steering our online presence, Fledglink invites you to play a pivotal role in its mission. Even if the roles outlined below don't perfectly align with your expertise, the only "requirement" to join is a passion for birds!


As a writer at Fledglink, you will play a vital role in inspiring and engaging our young birding audience through captivating and informative content. You'll be responsible for crafting articles, blogs, and social media posts that showcase the beauty of birding, share exciting birding experiences, and provide valuable resources to fellow birders worldwide. Whether you're sharing tips on bird identification, recounting rare bird sightings, or highlighting conservation efforts, your words will leave a lasting impact on our audience. 

Writing with Pen
Grammer Editing


As an editor at Fledglink, you will play a crucial role in refining the written content produced by our talented team of writers. Your attention to detail and command of language will ensure that articles, blogs, and social media posts are clear, compelling, and error-free. Collaborating closely with writers and offering constructive feedback, you'll help elevate their work to resonate with our audience, inspiring a love for birds and birding.


As an artist and/or graphic designer at Fledglink, your artistic flair will breathe life into our visual storytelling. You'll be responsible for creating eye-catching social media posts that feature stunning bird illustrations, showcase birding events, and promote our mission to a wider audience. Additionally, your artistic expertise will extend to designing merchandise, posters, and various marketing materials, contributing to our efforts in raising awareness and funds for bird conservation. 

Color Paint Palette


As a website designer for Fledglink, you will be the architect of our online platform, responsible for creating an intuitive and user-friendly website that serves as a hub for young birders worldwide. Your expertise in web design and development will be vital in ensuring that visitors have a seamless and engaging experience while browsing through our resources and articles.  Your passion for both design aesthetics and functionality will be evident in every aspect of the website, encouraging visitors to explore and participate in Fledglink's mission to inspire and unite young birders globally.


As the social media manager for Fledglink, you will be the voice and face of our organization on various platforms, with a primary focus on Instagram. You'll be responsible for curating and scheduling engaging content, including regular Instagram posts and stories, that captivates our audience and fosters a sense of community among young birders. Your creativity in strategizing and executing social media campaigns will help grow Fledglink's online presence and expand our reach to new audiences. Besides creating original content, you'll also engage with followers, respond to inquiries, and collaborate with other birding communities to forge meaningful connections and partnerships. 

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Are you passionate about capturing the beauty and wonder of birds through the lens of your camera? As a photographer at Fledglink, you'll have the opportunity to visually document the world of birds. Your stunning bird photographs will be featured on Fledglink's Instagram posts, website, blog, and various other platforms, captivating our followers and inspiring young birders around the world. Whether it's a majestic bird in flight, a charming backyard visitor, or a rare and elusive species, your images will tell the stories of these incredible creatures. 


Do you have a gift for engaging conversations and a passion for sharing stories within the birding community? As an podcaster at Fledglink, you'll play a vital role in our "Chirps and Chats" podcast series and blog. You'll have the exciting responsibility of conducting interviews with renowned birders, conservationists, and experts, as well as sharing the personal birding journeys of young enthusiasts. Your engaging interviews will provide valuable insights, tips, and anecdotes that educate, entertain, and inspire our audience. Through your work, you'll foster a deeper connection within the birding community and shed light on the experiences and expertise of fellow birders. 

Using a Touch Phone
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